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Located TP. Buon Ma Thuot nearly 50km to the west - north, Buon Don from hundreds of years has distinguished Highlands around mountains and forests as a land of producing hunters and taming legendary elephant.
Nestled inside a virtual line Serepok aggressive flow throughout the night the day, Ban Don is quite interesting destination for your journey to the lands when Highlands full of wind and sunny all the coffee drunk warm aftertaste.
The main menu is the general term to refer to systems of Buon Don tourist resort operators including the Division Seven, Yok Don National Park, the Cau Treo resorts, lakes Dak Min, Trohbu gardens ... However, destinations that visitors can not ignore when it comes to the western lands - lands north of this coffee is a small village called Ban Don.

Oasis of the river flow
If you call all the rivers are flowing into the sea as a truth, then Serepok line, which again did not correct. The river with the flow time data as well as a tiger of the forest, roaring, as if to grab and wipe out everything. And not by the laws of any other river, stream flow Serepok back on the upstream and flush water through the soil flow temple tower, leaving on his journey to go through is the island between the river rise.

The Don is one of the villages are built upon such oases. Even the name by Lao Ban Don (ethnic majority here as stub) which means "Island Village". Elderly told, hundreds of years ago, which used to be one of the important trading point of the three Indochinese countries on the river route. The Lao people then, in the trade at the river, this land was caught being seductive and Ede stay with local people to build up here a full rich village identity.
A river of life community is a quiet village, a forest of thousands of the Yok Don is full of mystery, excitement, and as also an echo of the glorious sound of the ancient elephant.

Ban Don is now living in the community where the race: E De, M'nong, Gia Rai, Laos, Thai ... and Vietnamese. Each ethnic culture, an identity reconciled with one another but make a Ban Don cultural nuances are different, but only to and admire, visitors discover new things especially where this.
Ngoại tệ Mua Bán
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